Day 1 – Welcome Address


Panel Discussion: Enabling Your Organisation’s Digital Transformation Journey

This session will cover:

○ Building a cohesive business strategy for digital transformation – Who are the key stake holders involved and do you need dedicated C-Level representation and department, or is this every employees responsibility? 

○ Defining strategies for working with multiple stakeholders and combatting internal resistance to change  How might this differ depending upon business size, industry and culture? 

How can value and ROI for digital investment be quantified? And what specific KPIs can you put in place when working across many lines of business, teams and projects? 

○ Exploring the concept of Innovation Governance 


Coffee Break


Presentation: How Octopus Energy is digitalising the energy industry

  • What are the benefits of Smart Meters now the rollout is running at pace?
  • How to engage customers in energy saving?
  • Beyond the smart meter is there a broader IOT role in energy?


Keynote Presentation: Improving D&A Strategy/Operating Model

The discussion will look at a number of key issues:

  • A data strategy is a the driving force for the CDO how is it best communicated to the C-suite and organization?
  • How is a data strategy structured to meet the urgent needs of today and at the same time delivering the fundamental building blocks for tomorrow?
  • A data strategy, which is transformative, will bring about organizational and process change; the CDO is increasingly a change agent within an organization. How will this impact capabilities and operating models?

Peter will chair the discussion providing insight from his experience across Government, Utilities and Financial Services of creating a delivering data strategies.


Lunch Break


Presentation: Digital Transformation? Just Say NO!

Most organisations are already in the throes of some form of Digital Transformation – often the 2nd or even 3rd in succession.  Depending on which analysis you subscribe to, between 70- 90% of these fail.  As they falter, for the final time before ‘going under’, they’ll often lunge for the RECIPE, the pattern that gets them back afloat. Instead, they find themselves drowning in anti-patterns:  Rolling out an ‘Agile Transformation’ “so we can deliver quicker” ; Raising IT efficiency to “save our costs”; Establishing an Innovation Lab “to accelerate our Digital differentiation”.

This piece presents a walkthrough of the hidden frailties & faults of the ‘usual suspects’ of transformation misdemeanours, before outlining prompters and principles for ways forward through grounded, situationally aware leadership.


Presentation: Finding the Balance – Bridging the Gap Between Legacy and Future Thinking


End of Day 1 Wrap Up


End of Day 1

Explore Day 2 Agenda here: Digital Transformation Enablers – Core Infrastructure And Technologies

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