Day 2 – Welcome Address


Daniel Beazer

Senior Contributing Analyst

Structure Research

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Panel: Big Data and Analytics Architecture – Enabling Your Insights Driven Business

This session will cover:

○ Discussing the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/the cloud, what is needed to build an effective analytics environment. Examining the benefits and pitfalls of each approach. 

○ Do you have access to the data you need, and if not, how do you go about gaining access and organising that data? 

○ Generating insights that reduce Inefficiencies in your business processes – where can improvements be made that have the biggest impact? And what challenges are to be overcome to make such improvements? 

○ The right data at the right time – What innovative approaches can be used to identify the right data-set with the right signals to train algorithms? 

Moderator: . Daniel Beazer, Senior Contributing Analyst, Structure Research


Presentation: The Importance of a Human Centric Digital Strategy


Presentation: The Edge Opportunity and BT’s approach


Lunch Break


Presentation: Turning Digital Transformation into Business Opportunities

  • Necessity or luxury
  • Why automation fails
  • The trap of RPA
  • How to turn your digital transformation journey into new business opportunities and creating new revenue streams (platform play as an example)


Presentation: How to close the data literacy gap to power the future world of work

We’ve entered a golden era of data. Indeed, according to Gartner “by 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.” In theory, this should be a huge opportunity for today’s young people given their exposure and comfort levels with tech. Especially if you assume they have a higher propensity to naturally develop the data literacy skills needed for digital business success, such as effective data analysis, storytelling and visualisation. But is any of this really true.

In this presentation Helena will examine:

    • Why we need a data literate workforce?
    • Whether young people are as data literate as employers expect them to be?
    • How employers can leverage the unique skills of young people to become more digitally dexterous.


Recorded Presentation: Data Transformation and Collective Intelligence

  • Data is the new trendy word that we see everywhere today. The word “data” often implies transformation. How do companies embrace change through data?
  • Discover the secrets to evolve towards a data-driven approach during “Data, Transformation and Collective Intelligence”.


Recorded Presentation: Take Manufacturing to the Next Level with Manufacturing 4.0


End of Day 2 Wrap Up


End of Day 2

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