Sneha Narahalli is a technology leader driving transformation in the industry through product innovation and simplicity. She has grown up in a family of writers, both her parents being noted literary writers in India, and has always used creativity to drive focused results. Having moved to the United States to pursue her masters in Carnegie Mellon University a decade ago, she has been leading next-generation strategy for companies such as Sears, Walmart, and Sephora. Currently, at Sephora she leads all of product management including digital, stores, data & marketing technology. She strongly believes that awareness is the first step towards making a change and hopes to raise the consciousness of the basic biases that women face in any environment and ensure we can not only overcome the same together but works towards eradicating it. She also published her first book titled “Not the loudest person in the room” which talks about her views on introverted leadership among many other thoughts. They say that “a pen is mightier than a sword” and she intends to keep it that way!