Kayla Bourgeois is a transformation executive with 15+ years’ experience in tech and entertainment having led organizations and change initiatives across startups, small businesses, and large enterprise organizations. She leverages data, systems thinking, and Organizational Change Management to collaborate with teams and transform processes, systems, technology, and people

Kayla led people operations at Two Toasters – a mobile startup that was acquired by Ticketmaster and built the first organizational change management team to support a $70 million multi-year IT transformation program at the University of Southern California. She also built an OCM team at Mattel to support employees during transformation and provide guidance around workplace enablement to empower employees to gain efficiency and productivity. Most recently, Kayla led strategic planning for Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group and kicked off a financial transformation program.

Kayla is also an executive and  transformation coach, helping executives unlock new pathways to leading growth and transformation. In an ever-changing business climate, it can be difficult for executives to identify and prioritize untapped value within their business. Kayla helps them build a path toward their growth & transformational goals, unlocking new capabilities that will help them drive their organizations forward.