Day 2 - 18 May 2023


Jonathan Alloy

Industry Expert

Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 2

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09:45AM - Day 1

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04:20PM - Day 1

View VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: Breaking Down Silos for Collaborative Transformation

04:10PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Breaking Down Silos for Collaborative Transformation

10:30AM - Day 1

View Panel: Leading Your Organization’s Digital Transformation Journey

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Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks.

. Jonathan Alloy, Industry Expert ,


Presentation: Digital Transformation for a Unified view of the Customer

  • Examining the explosion of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and the benefits and opportunities presented through having one unified view of the customer.   
  • CX and Trust, discussing the importance of data and security to ensure customer retention.  
  • Discussing the digitally connected and informed consumer – Assessing product customization for an engaged consumer.  
  • Customer engagement and understanding – ensuring you capture all customer touchpoints across digital platforms to anticipate behaviors, personalize interactions and improve customer stickiness.


Keynote Presentation: Unleashing the Power of AI and Analytics

  • Reviewing the use of AI and analytics to enhance your business efficiency. 
  • Exploring how AI helps recognize customer intent and how this enhances customer connection.  
  • Reviewing AI-powered solutions that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. 


Panel: Keeping the “New Normal” Employees Happy, Productive and Progressive

Many organizations have already worked hard in solving the challenge of meeting demand for hybrid working – but what now? This panel will discuss: 

  • How to maintain company culture in and out of the office environment. 
  • Software selection in updating HR capabilities to be digitally centered, Control IT Spending in End User Computing. 
  • Maintaining tech fluency and literacy at all levels of your organization – how to invest in your existing workforce to be digitally confident and capable.   
  • What role can Digital Transformation initiatives play in navigating through uncertain economic times. 


Networking Break


Fireside Chat: Women in Tech – Forging the Way

  • Empowering the Next Generation of Women one byte at a time.  
  • How to drive and sustain change. 
  • How to Stay Motivated and Inspired in a tech Role.  
  • Future of Women in IT. 


Presentation: No-code, Low-code Software Development in Democratizing Digital

  • The democratization of software and extending the ability to be creative with computers. 
  • Innovation with Low-Code Automation. 


Presentation: Supply Chain Management

  • The democratization of software and extending the ability to be creative with computers. 
  • Innovation with Low-Code Automation. 


Lunch & Networking Break


Panel: Fragile to Agile: What This Means for Digital Transformation

Agile Transformation has become an industry buzzword. With the possibilities of different levels of application across different departments, how can an adoption of an agile-orientated transformation benefit your organisation? 

  • In an increasingly digital world, has the word “transformation” become synonymous with “digital”? 
  • Digitally-first/native businesses sharing their insights. 
  • Organisational transformation from office to supply chain. 
  • Importance of the right people implementing the right steps. 


Presentation: What Keeps a Chief Transformation Officer Up at Night?

  • The role of a Chief Transformation Officer explained. 
  • What are the challenges? 


Presentation: ‘Transformation Fatigue’: How to Combat the Difficulties of the Digital Transformation Journey

  • What is ‘Transformation Fatigue’? Exploring the causes and consequences of an on-going Digital Transformation Journey. 
  • Reviewing the impact of the pandemic and the risk of digital transformation burnout. 
  • How to fight fatigue for both the architects and recipients of Digital Transformation. 


End of Event