Day 1 - 17 May 2023


Jonathan Alloy

Industry Expert

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10:00AM - Day 2

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09:45AM - Day 1

View Chairperson’s Welcome

04:20PM - Day 1

View VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: Breaking Down Silos for Collaborative Transformation

04:10PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Breaking Down Silos for Collaborative Transformation

10:30AM - Day 1

View Panel: Leading Your Organization’s Digital Transformation Journey

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Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks.

. Jonathan Alloy, Industry Expert ,


Presentation: What IT Leaders Need to be Aware of to Secure Efficient Digital Transformation

This Session Will Explore… 

  • Discuss strategies for encouraging and enabling digital transformation within the traditional industries.   
  • Explore the lessons that can be learned from businesses that were ‘born digital’   
  • Recognise and combat outdated ideas that harm your digital process and strategies.   
  • Explore how digital technologies increase business optimisation. 


Keynote Presentation: Optimizing Your Workflow via Automation

  • What do we mean by Workflow Automation?  
  • Understanding the growing need for modernizing your workflow.  
  • Adopting workflow automation successfully to create business value.  
  • Evaluating how different enterprise sectors require different automation strategies.   
  • Exploring the benefits and use cases of improving your workflow automation 
  • What is the future of workflow automation. 


Case Study: Retail as the Frontier for Transformation

  • What does Digital Transformation mean for the Retail Industry? 
  • The benefits and challenges in transformation in the retail sector. 
  • Discussing the current applications and challenges of bringing XR, AR and 3D applications to retail environments. 
  • Case studies and lessons learned. 


Networking Break


Panel: Fuelling Your Digital Engine – Core Digital Infrastructures, Technologies, and Beyond

This panel will explore:  

  • How organizations should start their digital engine from consumer centricity.
  • Examples of solving business issues using analytics and data.  
  • Lessons from pilots, and enterprise-level transformations.  
  • Inspiration for business leaders to apply digital to improving positive societal impact. 


Senior Representative, SKILL & CHILL

Associated Talks:

12:25PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Monitoring the Impact of Your Digital Transformation Journey

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Presentation: Monitoring the Impact of Your Digital Transformation Journey

  • The methods of how to analyze your Digital Transformation journey. 
  •  What are the key signs of a successful digital transformation strategy?  
  •  Exploring the intrinsic connection of an employee, a consumer, and the end-user and the impact this has on your Digital Transformation Journey.
. Senior Representative, SKILL & CHILL, ,


Presentation: Hybrid Cloud – Driving Digital Transformation

  • What is Hybrid Cloud? Where can it be applied? 
  • Why Hybrid Cloud? An overview of the top benefits. 
  • The impact of Hybrid Cloud on your Digital Transformation strategy.  
  • Exploring best practices to optimize your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. 


Presentation: On Cloud Nine – What to Learn from a Successful Cloud Migration

  • Actionable items from Cloud Migration journeys.  
  • Success (and failure!) stories from organizations who have embarked on this. 
  • A review on cloud security.  


Lunch & Networking Break


Presentation: Data, Transformation and Collective Intelligence

  • Data is the new trendy word that we see everywhere today. The word “data” often implies transformation. How do companies embrace change through data?  
  • Discover the secrets to evolve towards a data-driven approach during “Data, Transformation and Collective Intelligence”. 


Presentation: The Rise of Digital Twins – Accelerating Enterprises Virtually

  • What exactly is a Digital Twin and how can it be applied to your organization. 
  • Are you ready for Digital Twin deployment?  
  • Assessing where Digital Twin can be effectively deployed in your organization. 
  • What are the processes to determine the right toolset that suits your organization and technical maturity? 


Presentation: How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Transformation Work in Collusion

  • Discussing RPA as an essential tool in your toolkit for effective Digital Transformation.  
  • Exploring the attributes of RPA and how it will extenuate effective operations. 
  • Analyzing RPA in the workplace and how the better the process, the better the result for the company. 


Networking Break


Panel: Exploring how Digital can Help Organizations in their Sustainability Journey

  • How has Digital Transformation become more aligned to sustainability, and how it can it help future-proof businesses. 
  • Cultivating a culture of caution and consideration – each decision has an impact within and outside of organizations. 
    • Software and hardware selection, and their product life-cycles. 
    • Bridging digital and environmental goals.  


Presentation: Driving Data Monetization to Accelerate Digital Transformation

  • How your organization can practice data monetization effectively. 
  • Identifying the challenges and adopting the right strategy. 
  • Towards a digital future – data monetization is the future of the world of digital transformation. 


Presentation: Into the Metaverse – Is it really the Future of the Internet?

  • What is the Metaverse? Where is it? 
  • Exploring what the Metaverse means for businesses and organizations. 
  • Understanding Web 3.0 as an experience.
  • Looking at the opportunities which the Metaverse presents for Enterprise businesses and the future of your organization. 


End of Day One

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Human Centered Approaches to DTX

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