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According to McKinsey, employees spend 9.3 hours a week searching for information. That’s no surprise – even at Google and Facebook, robust internal search systems like Moma and bunnylol were well-loved, and often the untold secrets of innovation at scale. When organizations scale to a certain size, the overhead of new (and often remote) employees asking questions, trying to get up to speed on a new project, knowing who to ask about what, or even knowing something as simple as who is on which team, can be an uphill battle. Companies have tried to build a comprehensive enterprise search solution since before 2000, but for a multitude of reasons, never really generalized to all companies. In this talk, we’ll walk through why it’s such a hard problem to solve, how Glean does it differently, and why its absolutely essential for the digital transformation of any company larger than 250 people.

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Deedy Das

Head of Engineering, Search & Intelligence


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11:00AM - Day 1

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