Bob joined IBM Greenock in Scotland in 1978. He earned a Masters Degree in Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering in 1983. From 1983 to 1997, Bob held various engineering and management position at IBM Greenock. He became the Mobile Manufacturing Operations Manager on July of 1997. At that time, he moved from Scotland to North Carolina, and became the Mechanicals Sourcing Global Commodity Manager, a position he held through 1999. Returning to Scotland, Bob became the IBM Greenock Manufacturing Operations Director. He once again moved to North Carolina and held the positions of OEM Systems Procurement Director and Worldwide Materials Operations Director in 2000 through 2004. He became the Vice President of Production Procurement Sourcing in 2004 and held that position until 2007, when he became the Vice President of General & BTO Sourcing. In February of 2009, he became the Vice President of Hardware Global Execution. In January of 2014, Bob became the Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer. Bob lives in Cary, NC with his wife Karen. They have two sons.

Bob Murphy will be delivering the following virtual presentation for Digital Transformation Week, and it will be hosted post-event on our on-demand TechHub & Content Platform:

Transforming Procurement with Digital Labor

Procurement, HR, Marketing, Finance, and sales what do all these functions have in common? People. The power behind these organizations are their staff. It is essential to find the right person at the right time, but between disconnected systems, collecting business requirements and approvals, the process can be slowed down and leave business goals unmet. Organizations have embraced automation to improve processes, but simply doing things faster is not enough. Companies need to use digital labor, a combination of AI and automation together, to
redesign processes in ways not previously possible to focus on the right work. Join Bob Murphy, IBM Chief Procurement Officer to discuss how IBM Procurement is utilizing digital labor to address sourcing contractors and employees to support numerous projects and how it impacts employee productivity. The future of work is here, are you ready?

More to follow soon …