Mushroom Solutions
Stand No: 256

Mushroom Solutions is a technology solutions company with a mission to make life better, helping organizations streamline their digital processes, accelerate use case realization and enhance customer experience.

Our offerings include

  • Enterprise Solutions focussing on Digital Process Automation, Knowledge Management, Digital Twins, Product-Application-Data & Native Engineering, driving innovation and helping organizations to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technology landscape
  • Interactive Solutions enhances customer experience through Virtual & Augmented Reality, Content Creation & Animations, and RPG & ML Agents
  • Cross-industry Solutions spans Computer Vision to Semantic Agents, Data Pipeline Quality, DevOps, MLOps, AIOps, Proactive Monitoring and Customer Experience, driving innovation across industries


Accelerators: Manufacturing Quality OEE, Object Detection, IOT Hub, Gesture Detection, ML Lifecycle, Document Processing, 3D Engineering Framework and Enterprise search

Engagement Models: Advisory services, POC’S, End to End Implementation, Managed Services, Fixed Cost Projects, On demand service and Talent Staffing

Delivery models: Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore & Hybrid

Core Values: Innovation, Customer Focus, Communication and Agility