On-Demand Session Recordings

A selection of on-demand session recordings from the North America 2023 event are now available to watch on-demand through the TechHub & Content Library! Get front-row access anytime, anywhere: access a selection of recordings from the live sessions at TechEx Events in Santa Clara, Amsterdam and London. Plus on-demand webinars from our sister company, TechForge Media.

Keeping the “New Normal” Employees Happy, Productive and Progressive

Many organizations have already worked hard in solving the challenge of meeting demand for hybrid working – but what now? Join Amazon Business, T-Mobile, Lionsgate – Motion Picture Group, Walgreens, and Cloud Academy to explore:

  • ● How to maintain company culture in and out of the office environment.
  • ● Software selection in updating HR capabilities to be digitally centered, Control IT Spending in End User Computing.
  • ● Maintaining tech fluency and literacy at all levels of your organization – how to invest in your existing workforce to be digitally confident and capable.
Normal Employees 1

Fragile to Agile – What This Means for Digital Transformation

Agile Transformation has become an industry buzzword. With the possibilities of different levels of application across different departments, how can an adoption of an agile-orientated transformation benefit your organisation? Join Meta, PepsiCo, Industry IoT Consortium, Ashling Partners, Ripcord, and Kentik to explore:

  • ● Digitally-first/native businesses sharing their insights.
  • ● Organisational transformation from office to supply chain.
  • ● Importance of the right people implementing the right steps.
Fragile To Agile 1

IBM Explores Transforming Procurement with Digital Labor

Join Bob Murphy, IBM Chief Procurement Officer to discuss how IBM Procurement is utilizing digital labor to address sourcing contractors and employees to support numerous projects and how it impacts employee productivity. The future of work is here, are you ready?


Fuelling Your Digital Engine: Core Digital Infrastructures, Technologies, and Beyond

Join IBM, Strava, Glean and MicroFocus to explore:

  • ● How organizations should start their digital engine from consumer centricity.
  • ● Examples of solving business issues using analytics and data.
  • ● Lessons from pilots, and enterprise-level transformations.
  • ● Inspiration for business leaders to apply digital to improving positive societal impact.
Fuelling Your Digital Engine 1 1

Future Proofing – What are the Priorities?

In an increasingly digital world, Digital Transformation has become synonymous with future-proofing businesses. What steps can your organization take to make sure it doesn’t get left behind? Join Cardinal Health, Burbank, Kaiser Permanente and Ashling Partners to explore:

  • ● How to reshape, build, adapt and execute a digital strategy that not only aligns with your company goals, but prioritizes more sustainable practices that benefit consumers, employees and the environment.
  • ● Cultivating a culture of consideration when deciding what to invest in – especially during uncertain economic times.
  • ● Looking ahead beyond 2023, what’s next for DTX?
Fuelling Your Digital Engine