IKEA’s CDO Discusses Tips For Driving Digital Transformation

August 31, 2023


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The Digital Transformation Team spent some time with Kevin Gamble, CDO Netherlands at IKEA who is speaking at the upcoming Digital Transformation Week event in Amsterdam on 26-27 September 2023. We discussed tips for driving digital transformation, how to address resistance to change, and exciting developments in the space so far. 

What has been this year’s most exciting development/progress in the digital space so far?

The obvious answer is “ChatGPT”, but to be honest, while ChatGPT certainly brought AI technology to the mainstream, a development like this has been coming for years. To me, the most interesting development is the decline (implosion?) of Twitter/X. The possibilities that this opens up is enormous, not only for social media, but for how we communicate in our own personal digital worlds. What used to be dominated by Facebook and Twitter is now open for discussion and creates a power vaccum that could be filled by all kinds of interesting possibilities.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, and how do you incorporate them into your digital transformation strategies?

I still use RSS feeds. (cringe face) I still have a page on Netvibes, a RSS feed reader, that I turn to at least once a week and browse through some technology sites, both nerdy and mainstream. The IKEA community is also very open to sharing new ideas, disruptive technologies and interesting developments, so between the two, I feel pretty confident in my coverage.

In your opinion, what are the best tips for leaders that are driving digital transformation programmes? And how do you address resistance to change during the digital transformation process?

Listen to your employees. How quickly you can move along the innovation curve (Innovators > Early Adopters > Early Majority > Late Majority > Resistors) largely depends on how much confidence your employees will have in a tool or system. Training them well, encouraging digital ambassadors and providing ample support along the way will help buy-in the a larger digital transformation program.

 How much is the term ‘Digital Transformation’ still relevant today?

When describing a large corporate program or strategy direction, it is less and less relevant. The term is very broad and instead, we should focus on specific areas within Digital: “AI Transformation”, “Logistics Digital Tools”, “HR Digital Transformation”. Etc.

Interested in joining Kevin for his session at Digital Transformation Week Europe on 27th September 2023 at the RAI in Amsterdam?’

Kevin’s session, ‘Digital Tools and Your Employees’ will cover: 

○ The strategies behind fostering a harmonious blend of technological innovation and employee needs.

○ Explore real-world examples and actionable insights to drive engagement, boost productivity, and enhance collaboration.

○ Learn how to leverage the power of technology while keeping your employees at the heart of your digital evolution.

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