Day 1 - 1 December 2022



Chair’s Opening Remarks



Presentation: Accelerating Digital Transformation – An Analysis of the Key Trends

  • Technology is the backbone of enterprises in today’s digital era. To be a successful business, an awareness of Digital Transformation and how to leverage them is vital.
    • This session will
      • Review Digital Transformation Trends in 2022.
      • Analyse the Workplace and New Skills required to operate in a post-pandemic world.
      • Look closely at CX and how effective Digital Transformation enhances Customer Satisfaction.
      • Honourable Mention: Entering the Metaverse.



Panel: Leading Your Organization’s Digital Transformation Journey

  • Unique business needs: how to know what transformative technologies are right for you.
  • Building a cohesive business strategy for digital transformation – Who are the key stake holders involved and do you need dedicated C-Level representation and department, or is this every employee’s responsibility?
  • Defining strategies for working with multiple stakeholders and combatting internal resistance to change – How might this differ depending upon business size, industry, and culture?



Fireside Chat: Accessibility – A Digital Transformation Imperative

  • What do we mean by Accessibility? And why it is more important than ever.
  • Understanding that Digital accessibility is a practice, not a project.
  • Exploring the (Surprising!) Advantages of Accessibility.
  • Discussing how to Achieve Accessibility and analysing the right technologies to do so.



Fireside Chat: A Roadmap for a Happy Digital Workforce

  • Exploring the different ways in which a digital workplace framework unifies your disconnected employee technologies.
  • How to effectively utilise new design concepts to enable enhanced productivity.
  • What leadership skills are required to lead in this new digital world?
  • Exploring which transformative and immersive technologies are right for your organization and how they can help your employees and business thrive.



Lunch & Networking



Presentation: Customer Loyalty – How to Improve Retention with Personalization

  • Artificial Intelligence – The key to knowing your customers. Using AI to understand and anticipate the behaviours of customers to serve better, more personal, more relevant experiences that lead to increased loyalty over time.
  • Reviewing Customer Interaction/Service and the Increased use of Chatbots.
  • Discussing the importance of consistency, reliability, and ease of use for customer retention.



Presentation: Optimizing the Digital Experience for Your Consumers

  • Work from Home has created a new paramount challenge for IT Teams responsible for End User Computing. Now they manage thousands of offices, home offices.
  • In this session we will discuss how to:
    • Improve Visibility in new WFx environment.
    • Ensure End Users Productivity.
    • Control IT Spending in End User Computing.



Presentation: Reimagining the Customer Journey Through Automation

  • Strategies and tools for realising a fully automated digital customer experience.
  • Transforming customer engagement through automation.
  • How can automation revolutionise the customer journey, during pre-contact, contact and post-contact?
  • Case study examples discussed.



Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area



Panel: Digital Transformation for a Unified View of the Customer

  • CX and Trust, discussing the important of data and security to ensure customer retention.
  • Discussing the digitally connected and informed consumer – Assessing product customisation for an engaged consumer.
  • Customer engagement and understanding – ensuring you capture all customer touchpoints across digital platforms to anticipate behaviours, personalize interactions and improve customer stickiness.



Presentation: Monitoring the Impact of Your Digital Transformation Journey

  • Analysing the methods of how to analyse your Digital Transformation journey.
  • What are the key signs of a successful digital transformation strategy?
  • Exploring the intrinsic connection of an employee, a consumer, and the end-user and the impact this has on your Digital Transformation Journey.



Chair’s Closing Remarks



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