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    Day 1


  • Explore strategies to seamlessly integrate your workforce into the digital transformation journey, fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation. Learn how aligning people with technology initiatives can elevate employee engagement, productivity, and drive sustainable business growth.
  • Discover how aligning your technology infrastructure with organisational goals can enhance efficiency, scalability, and security. Uncover insights on making informed investment decisions to ensure a resilient foundation for your digital aspirations.
  • Gain practical insights into designing and implementing digital systems that align with your business objectives. Learn the art of setting clear, measurable targets and understand how interconnected systems can drive synergy, agility, and unparalleled value.
  • Emphasis on the need for a balanced approach, where the strengths of each element are harnessed to propel the organisation towards its digital goals.

Associated Speakers:

Dr. Biba Visnjicki

Global Head of Technology and Digitalisation

Tembo Group

Associated Talks:

04:35PM - Day 1

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