Day 2 - 27 September 2023



Jonathan Alloy

Digital Transformation Executive

Financial Services

Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 2

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9:45AM - Day 1

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Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 

. Jonathan Alloy, Digital Transformation Executive, Financial Services



Presentation: Digital Transformation for a Unified View of the Customer

  • Exploring the benefits and opportunities presented through having one unified view of the customer.    
  • CX and Trust, discussing the importance of data and security to ensure customer retention.   
  • Discussing the digitally connected and informed consumer – Assessing product customization for an engaged consumer.   
  • Customer engagement and understanding – ensuring you capture all customer touchpoints across digital platforms to anticipate behaviors, personalize interactions and improve customer stickiness. 



Presentation: Unleashing the Power of AI and Analytics

  • Reviewing the use of AI and analytics to enhance your business efficiency. 
  • Exploring how AI helps recognize customer intent and how this enhances customer connection.  
  • Reviewing AI-powered solutions that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. 



Kian Abolfazlian

Director, Data Transformation Leader, IGT Business Cluster


Associated Talks:

11:15AM - Day 2

View Panel: How Can CX be Successfully Renewed by Digital Technology?

10:00AM - Day 1

View Presentation: What IT Leaders Need to be Aware of to Secure Efficient Digital Transformation

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Panel: How Can CX be Successfully Renewed by Digital Technology?

  • Exploring which transformative technologies are best for your organization and how they can help your business thrive.    
  • How can you re-design your organization to be more agile and effective to benefit your customers?   
  • Reviewing technologies such as Automation, Machine Learning, AI and Chatbots and how they can drive business efficiencies. 
. Kian Abolfazlian, Director, Data Transformation Leader, IGT Business Cluster, Philips


Networking Break



Vytautas Aseris, PhD

Director of Engineering


Associated Talks:

12:20PM - Day 2

View Presentation: How One Stays Inclusive in the Ever Transforming (Digital) World

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Presentation: How One Stays Inclusive in the Ever Transforming (Digital) World

To follow soon …

. Vytautas Aseris, PhD, Director of Engineering, Vinted



Presentation: How Innovation can Fast Track your Digital Journey

  • Preparing your technology infrastructure for the future today.  
  • Embracing change and gearing up for the inevitable new workplace reality.  
  • How to reshape, build, adapt, and execute a new digital workplace strategy that aligns with your company’s goals.  
  • Creating a framework for guiding your company along its digital journey. 



Presentation: No-code, Low-code Software Development in Democratizing Digital

  • The democratization of software and extending the ability to be creative with computers. 
  • Innovation with Low-Code Automation. 


Lunch and Networking Break



Anh Tran

Lead Consultant - Data


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Maxim Foursa

Head of Application Data Services

Associated Talks:

02:00PM - Day 2

View Panel: Data – A Creative Material

11:45AM - Day 1

View Panel: Fuelling Your Digital Engine: Core Digital Infrastructures, Technologies, and Beyond

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Pradeep Jadhav

Director, Data Science, Digital Global

BNY Mellon

Associated Talks:

02:00PM - Day 2

View Panel: Data – A Creative Material

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Panel: Data – A Creative Material

  • Reviewing the impact of analytical data to aid your organisation to assess the needs of target customers.  
  • Using data creatively to map out the Customer Journey to create an engaging CX.  
  • Exploring how the rise of Cloud has transformed how you should approach data and consequently optimize business performance. 
Moderator: . Anh Tran, Lead Consultant - Data, DevoTeam
. Maxim Foursa, Head of Application Data Services,
. Pradeep Jadhav, Director, Data Science, Digital Global, BNY Mellon



Presentation: Monitoring the Impact of Your Digital Transformation

  • The methods of how to analyse your Digital Transformation journey. 
  •  What are the key signs of a successful digital transformation strategy?  
  •  Exploring the intrinsic connection of an employee, a consumer, and the end-user and the impact this has on your Digital Transformation Journey. 



Presentation: Into the Metaverse – Is it really the Future of the Internet?

  • What is the Metaverse? Where is it? 
  • Exploring what the Metaverse means for businesses and organizations.  
  • Understanding Web 3.0 as a new human-centred, community experience. 
  • Looking at the opportunities which the Metaverse presents for Enterprise businesses and the future of your organization. 


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