Day 1 - 26 September



Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks.



Presentation: What IT Leaders Need to be Aware of to Secure Efficient Digital Transformation

This Session Will Explore… 

  • Discuss strategies for encouraging and enabling digital transformation within the traditional industries.   
  • Explore the lessons that can be learned from businesses that were ‘born digital’   
  • Recognise and combat outdated ideas that harm your digital process and strategies.   
  • Explore how digital technologies increase business optimisation. 



Presentation: Optimizing Your Workflow via Automation

  • What do we mean by Workflow Automation?  
  • Understanding the growing need for modernizing your workflow.  
  • Adopting workflow automation successfully to create business value.  
  • Evaluating how different enterprise sectors require different automation strategies.   
  • Exploring the benefits and use cases of improving your workflow automation 
  • What is the future of workflow automation. 



Case Study: Healthcare as the Frontier for Transformation

  • What does Digital Transformation mean for the Healthcare Industry? 
  • The benefits and challenges in transformation in the healthcare sector.  
  • Discussing the current applications and challenges of bringing XR, AR and 3D applications to medical environments. 
  • Case studies and lessons learned. 


Networking Break



Panel: Fuelling Your Digital Engine: Core Digital Infrastructures, Technologies, and Beyond

This panel will explore:  

  • How organizations should start their digital engine from consumer centricity 
  • Examples of solving business issues using analytics and data.  
  • Lessons from pilots, and enterprise-level transformations.  
  • Inspiration for business leaders to apply digital to improving positive societal impact. 



Presentation: Hybrid Cloud – Driving Digital Transformation

  • What is Hybrid Cloud? Where can it be applied? 
  • Why Hybrid Cloud? An overview of the top benefits. 
  • The impact of Hybrid Cloud on your Digital Transformation strategy.  
  • Exploring best practices to optimize your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. 



Presentation: On Cloud Nine – What to Learn from a Successful Cloud Migration

  • Actionable items from Cloud Migration journeys.  
  • Success (and failure!) stories from organizations who have embarked on this. 
  • A review on cloud security.  


Lunch and Networking Break



Presentation: Data, Transformation and Collective Intelligence

  • Data is the new trendy word that we see everywhere today. The word “data” often implies transformation. How do companies embrace change through data?  
  • Discover the secrets to evolve towards a data-driven approach during “Data, Transformation and Collective Intelligence”. 



Presentation: The Rise of Digital Twins – Accelerating Enterprises Virtually

  • What exactly is a Digital Twin and how can it be applied to your organization 
  • Are you ready for Digital Twin deployment?  
  • Assessing where Digital Twin can be effectively deployed in your organization. 
  • What are the processes to determine the right toolset that suits your organization and technical maturity?   



Presentation: How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Transformation Work in Collusion

  • Discussing RPA as an essential tool in your toolkit for effective Digital Transformation.  
  • Exploring the attributes of RPA and how it will extenuate effective operations. 
  • Analyzing RPA in the workplace and how the better the process, the better the result for the company. 


Networking Break



Panel: Exploring how Digital can Help Organizations in their Sustainability Journey

  • How has Digital Transformation become more aligned to sustainability, and how it can it help future-proof businesses. 
  • Cultivating a culture of caution and consideration – each decision has an impact within and outside of organizations. 
    • Software and hardware selection, and their product lifecycles. 
    • Developing company-wide ethos and attitudes for more sustainable practices  
    • Meeting customer demands for more planet-friendly products and services.  



Presentation: IT Infrastructure & Operations as the Backbone of Digital Transformation

  • Discussing the intersection of on-premises data centres, private clouds, and public clouds and the challenges and opportunities these pose.  
  • What are the governance issues raised when using Data Centre Interconnection to overcome speed and agility challenges?   
  • Deconstructing the traditional data centre model to achieve tailored flexibility and optimisation for different business areas, workloads, evolving partner ecosystems and computing at the edge for things such as the Internet of Things (IoT)



Presentation: How AR and VR Will Change the Future of the Retail Experience

  • Exploring how AR and VR are currently being used in the Retail Industry.  
  • Discussing the current challenges of bringing XR and 3D applications to retail.  
  • What efforts are being made to overcome these challenges? 


End of Day 1