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Many digital transformations focus on learning new technologies, ways of working and behaviours. If that would really be the key to success, you wouldn’t be in a place where you would need a transformation. It’s just not that easy. In this insightful presentation, Christiaan van der Waal will be sharing his personal experiences from multiple attempts to accomplish a large digital transformation. He has experimented with different transformation strategies so you do not have to, and the 12 tips and break-through moments he will be sharing will help you and your organisation succeed in your digital transformation.

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Christiaan van der Waal

Global Vice President Digital


Associated Talks:

03:50PM - Day 1

View Panel: Exploring how Digital can Help Organisations in their Sustainability Journey

01:05PM - Day 1

View Presentation: How Digital Transformations Can Fail and 12 Tips to Help You Succeed

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