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Digital Twin technology is breaking down old boundaries surrounding product innovation, complex lifecycles, and value creation. Essentially, helping us to understand the present in ways that have previously been out of reach, to enable us to better predict the future. With the ever-increasing speed and agility of modern computing power, combined with the cognitive abilities of AI, the possibilities could be endless. But how can your organisation take advantage of this? What exactly is a Digital Twin and how can it be applied to your organisation?

In this session we will discuss:

  • Defining the use case – Are you ready for Digital Twin deployment? Augmented Reality vs. Simulations vs. Digital Twin discussed.
  • How to determine where digital twinning can be effectively deployed in your organisation?
  • What processes and technology do you need in place for Digital Twin deployment? Strategies for determining the right toolset for your project that fits with your organisations technical maturity.
  • The benefits of combining IT and OT for your organisation.

Associated Speakers:

Joe Calder


British Computer Society

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10:30AM - Day 1

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