I started my career in 1985 as a Cobol programmer on the IBM MVS operating system using the IBM IMS-DB/DC database management system. After using dBase II/III/III+ and Foxpro I got introduced to the Oracle 6.1.7 Relational DataBase Management System in 1994.

From that moment, I got more and more involved in Executive Information Systems, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. I have evolved from developer and analyst in numerous projects, to technical product architect at Oracle into an enterprise data and BI architect at one of the largest pension administration firms in the Netherlands. I joined Teradata in January 2017 because I felt I needed a change in my career, moving away from Oracle. I have always been fascinated by Teradata’s innovative views on data architecture and their best of breed data platform technology. I have never regretted the switch. Nowadays I assist partners of Teradata integrating the Teradata Vantage platform in the data estates of their customers. This keeps me up to date on the latest trends and developments in data management and data architecture.