Kian is an entrepreneurial, mission-focused, and innovative trusted advisor to senior leadership, specialized in helping them on how to use E2E digital transformations, data- & AI-native solutions, as well as data monetization, for:

  1. Continuous discovery of scalable untapped revenue streams (products, services, business practices), and
  2. Sustainable resolution of their business challenges (operational excellence + Enhanced customer experience).

He excels in building Data & AI practices, with a focus on design, development, and deployment of scalable and sustainable solutions. He sources, negotiates, and leads multimillion-euro E2E digital transformation & monetization initiatives, enabling “right time, right place, right solution” outcome delivery.

He has 25+ years of global experience, having developed 30+ internal consulting / advisory practices with focus on data & AI monetization, for various corporations, as well as external consultancy practices for among others PwC and Deloitte.

He brings in transferable experiences and best practices from successful best-in-class digital transformations in Manufacturing, Global Supply Chain & Logistics, Retail, Professional Services, Finance, Travel & Transportation, Healthcare, Real Estate, and public sector.

Traditional division between physical & digital spaces is disappearing. This requires faster “from Ask to Deliver” business solutions. Kian has designed and delivered such solutions, in a global setting: From Smart Manufacturing & Global Logistics to Smart Buildings & Facility Management, to Smart Healthcare, to Smart Retail with seamlessly bridged digital & physical stores, to Smart Homes & Cities, and Smart Recycling.