Albert started at IBM as a level 1 support engineer on Infrastructure with a focus on Storage. As a techie, he loved working for IBM, which had always been the trend and pace setter in the technology branch for over more than 100 years. IBM also gave him the chance to create a better version of himself and unlock hidden talents he did not know he possessed.

He grew his way to becoming a specialist in various support teams, eventually covering the entire Europe region, where he traveled to resolve “system down” situations. Eventually, Albert was pulled into the dark side of IBM and became a technical salesperson, where he finally had the opportunity to talk about new epic and state-of-the-art technology on infrastructure solutions. In this evangelizing role, he resolved a lot of business issues for various customers across different sectors by leveraging technology to work for them. To become a true owner of the complete end-to-end customer engagement, he transitioned into a Sales position and ended up as a seller working with top-notch customers across different industries. Positioning a solution that he could also explain on a technology level was something he found to be a significant strength.

To optimize and integrate IBM’s complete infrastructure portfolio, Albert is now leading an epic sales team and technical sales team, combining and merging four different brands into one strong force for their customers during the fast-paced shifts in technology. As a Protagonist (16personalities), this is exactly where he takes off!