Stand No: 266

WeCrunch works with Fortune 500 companies to achieve improved business outcomes using a combination of big data, advanced business analytics, data science, cloud adoption, and computer vision.

With a vision for informed decisions for all, WeCrunch helps weave cutting-edge technology into business processes to deliver agile and integrated decision-making for our clients. This enables our clients to reap competitive advantages through business transformation. Our booth showcases the following WeCrunch products:

    – Integra – Data integration platform  to converge & harmonize all your external/internal data sources onto a single platform.
    – DrillIT – A business analysis toolbox that organizes 360° brands data into drivers and outcomes on one simple, interactive drillable tree.

    – Featuristic.ai – A state-of-the-art AI driven intelligence system empowering companies with fast, accurate share of feature data.
    – Shelfr – Agile retail execution platform for creation, automation and execution of your brand’s plan-o-grams and plans..

We have helped companies like Pepsi, Procter and Gamble, Coca-Cola, Coty and Goody to achieve their transformation goals. Contact us to find out how WeCrunch can help with yours!

For more information or inquiries, visit our website at www.wecrunch.com or get in touch with us, email: hello@wecrunch.com

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