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Lenovo Keynote

Lenovo Keynote: Empower businesses to thrive in the digital age through cutting-edge digital workplace solutions

Join Vijay Gopal, Offering Development Executive, Digital Workplace Solutions at Lenovo to explore the concept of the modern digital workplace and its significance in enabling organizations to embrace the future of work.

Lenovo Panel

Panel: Exploring how Digital can Help Organisations in their Sustainability Journey

This session with Lenovo, FedEx, PVH & Fairphone will explore:

  • What digital tools can aid data-driven sustainability decisions and improvements
  • Methods in cultivating a company-wide culture promoting more sustainable practices.
  • Advice for organisations that are in the initial stages of their sustainability journey.
Ai Pfizer

Pfizer Presentation: AI In Business, Technical Considerations

This session with Pfizer will explore

  • Distinguish between AI and automation, emphasizing tailored questions to align AI with business objectives.
  • Delve into algorithm transparency, retraining frequency, and performance metrics.
  • This session equips attendees to effectively embrace AI, maximizing its impact across business dimensions.
Ai Abn Amro Safely Scaling

Panel: Exploring how Digital can Help Organisations in their Sustainability Journey

Join ABN AMRO Bank N.V, de Volksbank, and AI & Partners to explore:

  • The different approaches and concerns industries need to consider when tackling issues like privacy, surveillance and discrimination.
  • The role of responsible AI in aiding the ethical AI journey.
  • The need for governance and regulation in industry standards.
AI FrieslandCampina Multi Horizon

FrieslandCampina Presentation: Multi-horizon Approach to Data and Analytics

Join Vidyadhar (Vidya) Ranade, Digital Director at FrieslandCampina to explore:

  • How to make the first meaningful steps in analytics.
  • How to cope with data quality issues.
  • How to flourish over the longer term.
BC Axa Metaverse

AXA Presentation: Brand Metaverse Experimentation

Join Cyrille Magnetto, VP Innovation at AXA France as he explores:

  • How do you successfully transition into the metaverse?
  • Who are the big brands developing in the metaverse?
  • The latest trends and what we can learn from them.
  • Examples of successful brand integration with the current metaverse platforms.

TechForge Interviews

Our technology editors caught up with our industry speakers to explore the latest within digital transformation, sustainability, edge computing and more!

Lenovo Interview